Individualized support teaching (tutorials), is provided to junior high and high school students. The programme is addressed not only to the Boarding School students but to all students of public schools.

The teachers of this Department teach the subjects of Maths, Physics, Greek and English Language, Physical Education, etc. The subjects of Biology, Physics and Geography, are taught in specially designed classrooms which are equipped with the appropriate visual material, such as animal models, rocks, minerals, etc. There are instruments for experiments in physics and chemistry, tactile geographical maps etc.

Additionally, there is a special classroom of History and Culture, where students can make use of tactile maps and historical casts of ancient Greek and Byzantine art, in order to deepen into Greek culture, through tactile experience.

The objective is to strengthen students’ knowledge, skills and capabilities and to broaden their talents. Therefore, the teachers of this Department work closely with the teachers of public schools, to ensure not only a thorough education is provided, but most importantly, to enable students to succeed a full integration in school life.

Student in the classroom

Ώρα μαθήματος

Biology classroom

Αίθουσα βιολογίας

Students’ resting room

Αίθουσα ανάπαυσης μαθητών