In CERB, school units of the Greek Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs are hosted. CERB covers various expenses, such as the operating costs (electricity, heating, cleaning etc). In addition, it offers catering services to students, who can also make use of the premises (events hall, gym, etc.)

The Social Service and the Department of Braille Books Transcription, collaborate closely with the relevant services of the public schools.

School Units in Athens
Special Elementary for the Blind
Special Kindergarten for the Blind
Special Elementary School for the Blind-Deaf
Special Kindergarten for the Blind-Deaf (The operation of the kindergarten is suspended)
School Units in Thessaloniki:
Special Elementary for the Blind
6th Special Kindergarten for the Blind

Students at the playground

Οι μαθητές στην παιδική χαρά


Προθάλαμος του νηπιαγωγείου

Elementary students during their lesson

Οι μαθητές στην τάξη