The purpose of this department is to contribute to the physical growth of students and to their balanced mental and spiritual cultivation, in order to integrate productively into society, through a variety of kinetic and sports activities. In addition, it aims to a better autonomy, to the acceptance of other students, to the creation of certain habits, to the participation in sports opportunities, to the cultivation of the kinetic inclinations andcapabilities.

The Unit in Thessaloniki allows the use of premises to “PYRSOS” and “” sport clubs, and provides the opportunity to students and inmates of the Boarding School to take part and exercise.




Picture of the gym in Athens

Άποψη του γυμναστηρίου

Picture of the gym in Athens

Γενική άποψη του γυμναστηρίου

Picture of the gym in Thessaloniki

Η αίθουσα γυμναστικής στη Θεσσαλονίκη