CERB produces and distributes on a national level, books of all levels of public education, English and French books for public education and for tutoring, undergraduate and postgraduate textbooks, children’s literature, in the Braille system and in digital and audio form, as well. The books are sent to schools and to visually impaired parents in order to monitor their children’s performance, totally free of charge, both in Greece and abroad.

Braille Books
Books for Elementary, Junior High and High School, are printed in Braille. Geometrical and algebraic shapes are designed and produced for the Elementary Books. They also contain tactile pictures and maps. The Maths books for First and Secondary Education, are transcribed and printed according to “Nemeth Code”. Euclidean geometry contains all the geometrical shapes printed in swell paper.

Audio Books
Most of the books for Secondary Education are available in audio format (Mp3), if it is considered that this means, makes the visual impaired more efficient students.

Moreover, our Centre produces audio books for students with additional problems such as dyslexia, mental retardation, nystagmus etc.

Academic Textbooks
Until recently, all Academic Textbooks were recorded. Now, they are also converted in text files, appropriately processed in order to be used by the screen reader. If necessary or if the student requires it, the books can also be printed in Braille.

We operate an Academic library of 3,500 titles.


Braille book of children’s literature with tactile pictures

Παιδικό παραμύθι σε γραφή braille και ανάγλυφες εικόνες

Tactile geometrical shapes printed in swell paper book

Ανάγλυφα γεωμετρικά σχήματα

The department of the transcription of Braille books

Τμήμα μεταγραφής

Studios for recording audio books

Θάλαμοι ηχογράφησης

Inside the studio during the recording of a book

Στο θάλαμο ηχογράφησης