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Its role isn’t a static one, as it constantly searches for methods and interventions, to deal more efficiently with issues of its responsibility. It welcomes the visually impaired people, it examines their personal and social background, their own needs and the needs of their families. It explains them the provisions and the objectives of the Centre and contributes to their harmonic coexistence with others. It is the intermediary between staff and family. It collaborates with the competent services of the Centre to tackle issues that concern the visually impaired person. Through personal contacts and counseling (based on social work methods), it stimulates the "values" of the person and his/her family and guides him / her to use a similar social service or organization, if necessary. It contacts other similar institutions and it participates in Centre’s searching for new cases. It cooperates with the Administrative and Scientific Directory on matters relating to the Centre, with the Schools’ Directors (Primary School - Kindergarten) and with the Directors of schools with adaptation classes. It takes part in seminars, conventions, exhibitions of the Centre and other organizations, both in Greece and abroad.