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In 1999 the “Workshop of Special Visual Material” started, and has been running since then, in collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs. Its main objective is to facilitate in every possible way the educational process of visually impaired people and the blind-deaf students.

The activities’ areas of the WSVM are:

  • The designing and producing of the necessary visual material for the needs of all education stages. That way, a better comprehension of the curriculum, the environment, and the mobility, will be succeeded.
  • The implementation of the teachers’ recommendations for the adaptation and creation of tactile images, maps and models of the curriculum.
  • The reproduction of the visual material in adequate copies, so that all students will benefit from this new educational approach.
  • The searching for materials, construction methods, methodology, tools and their production etc.

The WSVM through new specialized constructions and educational activities, contributes to one new pedagogic approach. This approach is going to develop the imagination, the creativity and the participation of the children in an entertaining manner!

Tactile map.
Tactile map
Model of a stone bridge
Model of a stone bridge
Map construction.
Map construction