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The role of this Department is to provide visually impaired infants with specialized care from their birth until they reach the age of five. The Department was established in order to:

  • provide counseling support to the families of the children from their first year of their life, for the affective treatment of their special matters
  • provide assessment of children’s skills, report their difficulties and guide them pedagogically
  • integrate children into the wider society through certain socialization processes

The Department implements the following programs:

  • A program that covers the needs of children (0-3 years old) and their families. It includes sessions that take place at children’s homes. The frequency of the sessions depends on their needs.
  • An educational program that covers the needs of children, 3-5 years old. It takes place daily, at 8 o’ clock in the morning until 12 o’ clock at noon, throughout the school year, at the Center’s premises.
  • A support and tracing program for visually impaired children.

Moreover, the Department is engaged in the research and the study of children’s development and education.

During the last 30 years of its operation, the Department has collaborated with over 200 families of children with visual impairment and additional disabilities (mental deficiency, deafness, autism etc.)

Young students’ activities in their classroom.
Young students’ activities in their classroom
Room for recreation activities.
Room for recreation activities
Classroom of the Infant-Nursery Department.
Classroom of the Infant-Nursery Department