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CERB provides a complete educational program for students with visual impairment, covering all the educational levels, from Pre-school to University. The aim is to help students respond better to the daily schedule of the regular school they attend, through their knowledge enrichment.

Moreover, there are specialized departments which help the visually impaired to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, that will contribute to their social and professional rehabilitation. Furthermore, training is provided to those professionals who intend to get involved with this particular specialty that concerns the education and rehabilitation of the visually impaired.

The Departments are:

  1. Department of Infant - Nursery Education and Support for children up to 5 years old.
  2. Department of Supporting Lessons - tutorial support for junior High and High-school
  3. Department of Orientation - Mobility and Daily Living Skills (M-O & DLS)
  4. Department of Physical Education and Sport Activities
  5. Department of Computer Science
  6. Certified Examination Centre (ECDL)
  7. Department of teaching Braille - Braille Certification
Bust copies
Bust copies
 Visual material and instruments for experiments in Physics.
Visual material and instruments for experiments in Physics
Computer Science Classroom.
Computer Science Classroom